NCSU and the GoW


With Constitutions and palmcards in hand, the members of North Carolina State University YAL went out to the Brickyard to educate the student body on the harsh reality of our time at war. For 6 hours, we discussed the economic, political, and moral problems associated with the endless wars in the Middle East. 


When it came to Pin the Drone on the Warzone, we offered candy as prize to those who participated. Students were surprised to hear that there was American interventionism happening in almost every one of the countries on the list. Many students had problems even pronouncing some of the names and only one (a student from the region) knew the names of all the countries listed. He was very appreciative about everything we were doing and would have signed up had he not been a graduating senior. The students at NC State were very receptive to the idea of ending the war but didn’t know what they could do to stop it. We told them to talk about the problem with their friends & family, contact their representatives, and have their opinions be heard. 


Overall, we had over 10 sign ups to our email list and gave out dozens of info packs. Many were excited about what Young Americans for Liberty were about and were ready to be active in the coming Fall semester!


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