Nearing the end to Jersey’s War on Drugs?

In a highly controversial topic, the New Jersey State Senate recently passed a bill that will allow the use of medical marijuana for patients with “debilitating medical conditions”. This has caused debate among Senators and is receiving mixed reactions from New Jersey residents. To become New Jersey law, the bill still needs to pass in both houses and be signed into law by Governor Corzine. Even then, there will be restrictions on who can use it and who can’t.

Although this is only a small step towards is the end of the drug war, it is a sign that politicians are waking up to the reality this is costing us. According to Students for Sensible Drug Policy, more than $50 billion is spent EVERY YEAR waging the failed War on Drugs, and %55 of inmates are incarcerated for drug related offenses.

This governmental restriction of personal freedom violates the fact that a person is in control of their own body, and, regardless whether it is for medical use or not, it demonizes a drug that is more harmful than alcohol or cigarettes. Everyone’s hero Barry has admitted to “inhaling”, along with other prominent politicians and Supreme Court justices. I’m sure that if they were arrested they wouldn’t be where they are today.

I personally have never tried marijuana, nor do intend to in the future. However, those who choose to smoke in private should not be restricted from doing so, as long as they do not harm other people in the process and violate their liberties. A person owns their own body, and no one else should be given authority over what that person can do with their body, especially not the government.

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