Nearly Four Million Citizens to Pay Health Insurance Penalty By 2016


“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.” — Albert Einstein

No, I am not shocked as I know you are not either. However, what does enrage me is that all the ignoramuses that claimed this fascist health care plan would be a descending gift from the heavens REFUSED to read the actual bill.  However, let us look at the picture from a broader perspective:  Who is really to blame for this bill?  Obviously the already dying Republican Party and, more specifically, Mitt Romney. In fact, it was the “limited government, low spending, pro civil liberties” GOP that was responsible for proposing something similar in the 90s.  No wonder their objections this time around were too little, too late.

These individual mandate penalties will be a around $1,000 per person and the projection was brought to you in part by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). What is shocking is that most of these penalites will be paid by middle class Americans.

“The individual mandate tax will fall hardest on Americans who can least afford to pay it, many of whom were promised subsidies by the Democrats and who the president has promised would not pay higher taxes,” said Rep. Dave Camp — and he is absolutely right.

The penalties will be collected by the IRS. They will increase over time and the government will get about $4 billion dollars from all these penalites from 2017 to 2019.

But never mind the fact that Obama promised that he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone who makes less than $250,000 a year. Nevermind the fact that Mitt Romney praises himself as a true conservative, even though Mr. FlipFlop is known to have changed his positions on the issues several times (especially on health care). Nevermind that it was Gingrich’s congress that initiated a similar mandate more than a decade ago. If we want a free America, this two party monopoly must go.

And I say to all the mindless sheep who were for the bill but refused to read it:  Does it really hurt that much to read at all?

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