Need Funding for CPAC? Get Help From Your SGA!

With CPAC approaching there is always the concern of how to pay for the trip. Like every college student, I am on a budget and the cost of going to Washington D.C. is quite expensive. Recently on December 1st, YAL at the University of Central Florida was able to receive funding from the Conference, Registration, and Travel Committee (CRT) in the UCF Student Government Association. YAL recieved $825 for 5 people for airfare. This was sufficient funding to pay for our plane tickets and subsidize the cost of the trip. UCF YAL did it in 3 easy steps:

1. YAL filled out the form to request funding.

2.YAL had an officer go in front of the committee and explain why YAL needed funding to go to CPAC.

3.Then I explained how CPAC was a non-partisan conference open to all conservative students regardless of their political party affiliation. Finally, I explained how CPAC will benefit UCF and YAL. After that the funding was unanimously approved by the committee by a vote count of 8-0. 

If your school works like most, everyone pays some sort of activity and service fee. Since this was already paid by your tuition you are “entitled” to receive some of it back. Asking for funding from your SGA can greatly help with the cost of the trip to CPAC. If your SGA representatives ask how and why you need funding to CPAC simply give them these reasons.

CPAC is a Conservative Political Action Conference. If asked why don’t you go with the College Republicans at your school respond by saying, “CPAC is very much YAL’s conference as there are presentations and speakers associated with YAL.” 

If asked how this will benefit your host institution politely tell your SGA that it will show your university’s presence at this conference and be excellent exposure for the university. In addition, it will increase your knowledge so that your YAL chapter returns with the resources it needs to educate students at your university on the issues such as the national debt, foreign policy, etc. Use Visualize the Debt contest or any other activism you chapter has done as examples of educating the student body. 

Your university’s SGA is a great resource if you want to use your fees that you have already contributed to the system. Use it!

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