Neocon Trys to Challenge Ron Paul in Texas

Tim Graney of Katy, Texas, has announced a bid to unseat Ron Paul in the 14th congressional district of Texas.  Graney is a neocon that believes the United States should be policing the world and sinking us deeper into more endless wars.

Ron Paul is currently the only defender of the Constitution in Congress and has a prove record as such. The Republican Party and the neocons that run it are scared of Ron Paul and his ideas because they actually represent smaller government. The Republican Party supports big government and endless wars, so somebody like Ron Paul irritates them and the followers of Ron Paul prove to be a force to be reckoned with.

Graney says, “I am a fiscal conservative, but I do not support Ron Paul’s weak foreign policy views, nor do I support his do whatever you want ultra-Libertarian views that conflict with our American values.”

That statement represents the neocon position and the position of the Republican Party. They believe that government should be there to control our lives when it comes to moral grounds. They say they are for less government, but when it comes to our privacy, they defend the interjection of governmental control.  Also, Ron Paul is not a ultra-Libertarian (or libertine, as Graney seems to imply), but rather a mainstream Libertarian that supports Liberty and the free market.

The other theory for this challenge to Ron Paul’s seat is that Graney is being financed by powerheads from the Federal Reserve because of Congressman Paul’s bill to Audit the Fed, and his stern opposition to the presence of the central bank. This has not been proven yet, but we will keep an eye on that story if it develops.

Needless to say, Ron Paul is what this country needs. The Republican Party can try all they want to get rid of him so they can go on with their agenda of big government and endless wars, but Ron Paul is here to stay, and his revolution will be here long after he is gone.

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