Nepotism and Corruption in the Obama Administration

This is a month old, but it really deserves attention.

In June, President Obama fired Gerald Walpin, the Inspector General of the Americorps program. Why? Good old corrupt politics as usual:

[Walpin] investigated a charity operated by former pro basketball player Kevin Johnson, a prominent Obama supporter. The non-profit, St. Hope, received an $850,000 grant from AmeriCorps. Walpin investigated what St. Hope did with the money and concluded that much of it was improperly spent, e.g. to pay recipients to wash Johnson’s car.

Apparently in retaliation for having put the heat on an Obama supporter, the President had Norman Eisen, a Special Counsel to the President, telephone Walpin and demand that he resign within an hour…. The Obama administration first denied, but now admits, that the President is firing Walpin because of the St. Hope affair.

Apparently another reason why Obama fired Insp. Gen. Walpin was because it might stand in the way of Sacramento receiving money from the stimulus package (Johnson is the mayor of Sacramento).

This is corruption and nepotism, plain and simple. It gives us a scary look into the real Obama administration, an ends-justifies-the-means administration that cares little about checks and balances, true government oversight, or any real change from the previous administration.

This is only a little taste of the Walpin scandal. Click here and here for much, much more.

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