Nerf Guns, Pizza, and a Lesson About Life

Students at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City gathered for the last time in the semester to talk about a sacred right: the right of self defense. Students of many view points came to discuss our right to bear arms, and the demonstration did not disappoint.

After we introduced Young Americans for Liberty and what we do, we asked them about the Second Amendment. Some of them brought up gun control (both negatively and positively). Some of them argued for gun free zones, some against. After a little discussion, we decided to put it to the test.

Lining up on one side of the room with bright blue nerf guns in hand were our police officers and responsible citizens. On the other side, criminals armed with equally deadly green nerf guns faced them down. On the count of 3, they unleashed a flurry of suction cup-tipped darts. After their harrowing experience, we decided to put gun free zones to the test.

Bringing in other students to stand in the middle, we defiantly declared our plot of land a “gun free zone,” which would surely defend us from any danger. When the darts started flying however, there was a different outcome. The criminals ducked behind us, many of us were shot, and there was nothing we could do about it.

All jokes and silly writing aside, it showed the students, especially those who were there for the first time, what kind of danger you can find yourself in when in a gun free zone. We could relate, being at a private college that is itself a gun free zone. Many great insights were shared, and we all walked away with knowledge, and some battle scars.

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