Net Neutrality and Pizza

What do you think about Net Neutrality? This was the hot topic at this weeks Young Americans for Liberty meeting at Carnegie Mellon University. A small gathering of pro-liberty students formed to talk about the internet and eat pizza. The relevance of the topic was impossible to deny. We keep the World Wide Web in our pockets and it’s what allows us to watch videos of sleeping cats or read blogs for college political organizations. Every student was eager to learn and contribute their opinions.

Although everyone agreed that the internet was a great thing, the group failed to come to a consensus on how it should be regulated. Some hold that having a free and open internet is what allows the free market to operate fairly, because it allows people to easily exchange information. Others find it unfair that Netflix accounts for so much bandwidth.

Every student in the meeting found an opportunity to comment on the topic and learned a great deal. But, the most important lesson of the evening was that debates are always more fun with pizza.

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