Neumann University Chapter Recruiting

Today I was participating in my first recruitment event for YAL. Though this was a simple clipboard approach, we proudly acquired 50 signatures for the chapter. The weather forecast called for rain but it was sunny and people were out and about all around campus, which gave us a great opportunity to get signatures. We had very little down time and we were handing out pamphlets and materials to students frequently. Though most students weren’t aware of YAL, they were interested to learn about it. A good amount of students had the perfect mentality for a YAL chapter member and were very eager to sign up. 

Being at a small private college, I didn’t expect to get many signatures, but with my help we got more signatures than I expected. This gives me faith in getting this chapter started for Neumann University, and I will continue to strive to make it’s presence even larger. I’m very eager to plan my first meeting with my new YAL members. 

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