New Article at the Daily Caller on Humanitarianism

I have a new article up at the DC about how freedom of communication is an essential force behind humanitarianism, and must be maintained in order for genuine aid to parts of the world that are in poverty to continue and increase.  I argue that the rise of easily accessible mass communication is pushing human society back to a dynamic that holds us accountable for our actions before others, a dynamic that existed for most of human history but was destroyed by the rise of modern society.  I write:

…Civilization took away the natural mechanism of keeping human beings in check; the ability to witness the actions of the other members of the group.    In the tribal community, if one robbed from another, it was rather hard to cover one’s tracks, and one almost definitely ended up paying the consequences.  In modern society, if one steals from another, cuts in front of another in traffic, or commits violence against another, the only way, until recently, that one could be found and punished for one’s actions was if the offender was someone both known and then found by the offended.

Mass media and mass communication are pushing modern society back towards the tribal dynamics of accountability.  Thus, it is not human nature that is changing to a more positive form, but rather society than is changing to better keep human nature in check…

Read the whole article here.

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