New California YAL Chapter Debates Prop 19

Gerald Clift, the YAL President at Western State University College of Law, argues for a YES vote on Prop 19, the proposition to legalize marijuana in California, at his school’s first event for the new YAL chapter.

Holding the event one day before election day, he debates his chapter’s faculty advisor (an opponent to the measure), in a lunchtime forum co-sponsored by the Federalist Society.

As you’ll see at the end of the three part video, attending law students voted on the debate’s winner: Gerald tells me he pulled out a victory in the balloting by four votes.

Even at a smaller institution like Gerald’s he’s found a way to spread the message of liberty with like-minded students. If you’ve yet to start a chapter on your campus,  visit our chapters page.

(Part 2 and 3 below)

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