New Jersey commenator gets it right…

Paul Mulshine is a great voice for the state of New Jersey.  He likes to stick his neck out there and and start swinging at people and not afraid to see what comes at the end of his scythe. It’s a great breathe of fresh air considering the state I inhabit is truthful one of the most corrupt states in the union. Paul Mulshine should be read by those who live within my beloved and great state. As the motto of my state “Liberty & Prosperity”, we seemingly are continously losing our liberty and prosperity.

New Jersey’s> taxes are continuously on the rise, and yet no real improvements have been shown to make our state any more self-sufficient. Democrats and Republicans are seemingly interchangeable in the state and it doesn’t seem to be a truly a lick of difference amongst them. I only hope that if you live in New Jersey to follow his articles or if you aren’t just to read them from time to time it will give you a nice breathe of fresh air when you’re avoiding the drivers who drive erratically on our terribly maintained roads.

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