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 Today was an interesting day in activism as it was my first time recruiting new members. I met many new people that I had not know before today while having many interesting and meaningful conversations. I did, however, learn a few things that would help to increase my effectiveness when spreading the message of freedom. One of these is that Friday is not the best day of the week to go out and spread the message to people because they just want to get it over with so that they can start their weekend. I also found the effectiveness of finding something that the person you are speaking to is interested in and finding ways to convey your principles so that it is important to them.


I did have a rough time trying to find people that were willing to take the time to speak with me because they just wanted to finish their week but I was able to speak to about 40 people. Within that group of 40, about 20 had the time to really speak to me about our organization and the principles that we stand for. The interest level ranged quite a bit from those who just weren’t ready to take the plunge or were not interested, to students who were willing to sign up and begin learning about how they can help us win on principle. This afternoon of activism reached 4 people in a meaningful way and helped me hone my skill so that I may reach more people in upcoming events on my campus. I believe my interactions made a lasting impact on the lives of everyone that I spoke to and learned more about myself in the process.


In conclusion, I feel that Young Americans for Liberty can benefit the Pittsburgh State University campus. I also feel that it is benefiting me by improving my skills when it comes to meeting new people and striking up conversations with them. I am very happy that I found Young Americans for Liberty because it has helped me spread the ideas of Liberty in a meaningful way.

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