New Op-Ed from Ron Paul: “Restore America by getting government under control”

Ron Paul has a new article out, this time published at the DesMoines Register.  Contrary to what some have claimed about the liberty movement being on the fringe even among young people, Dr. Paul notes the enthusiastic reactions he recieves from college students when advocating limited government:

Rising generations know that America’s current course cannot be sustained, and they are ready to change direction. When I speak on college campuses across the country, the topic that consistently gets the loudest applause is stopping our system of endlessly printing money out of thin air by ending the Federal Reserve and returning to sound money.

Agreeing with the president that the “time for change is now,” Dr. Paul details what true change would look like — change which makes a lasting difference, not the farcical variety we’ve been getting from both parties for years:

True change will object to any unbalanced budget, instead of merely trimming around the edges.

True change will remove barriers to competition in health care and offer Americans tax credits and tax deductions for their medical expenses, allowing them to pursue the plans that fit them best.

True change will stop punishing productivity by eliminating the immoral income tax and estate tax, returning to taxpayers the money that they – not the government – work hard to earn.

This change, he concludes, is about more than just winning elections.  It is about a fundamental re-understanding of the United States as models of liberty both at home and abroad.  And of course, “We who believe that government which governs least governs best must lead the way.”  Among the younger generation, at least, I have real hope that we are.

Hat tip to Matt Hawes of Campaign for Liberty for this link.  (Now go spam that comment section!  I say that tongue in cheek, I promise…)

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