New Poll Shows Majority Disapprove of Obama

obamaYes, there are some good news in the midst of all this. A new CNN poll shows that Obama’s approval rating is not so much a good news for him. The poll reveals that 51% of the 1,030 participants disapprove of the president. Healthcare also received a high negative rating of 56%. The highest negeative was in regards to his handling of the national deficits — 62%. He doesn’t score much higher on the economy either, getting 54% disapproval and 43% approval.

That’s right Mr. President, Americans are not fans of central economic planning.

However, Obama does have some approval on the issues of foreign policy and terrorism:  55% view his work there positively, and that figure has gone up by four points since January. However, I would suspect that those numbers will change as more Americans realize he is not finishing these endless wars.

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