New Sign-Ups At Southern Utah University Breathe Life Into A Dream

 Austin Roebuck, President of YALSUU, engaging with a new sign-up at "Paint the Town Red" in Cedar City, UT.

When I first set up my recruitment table at Southern Utah University’s “Paint the Town Red” club fair on Thursday, I couldn’t guess how many people would be interested in joining my tiny YAL chapter.

To my surprise and great joy, I and two of my fellow members managed to procure nineteen new sign-ups – of which an amazing five identified themselves as “libertarian.” Each person we spoke with expressed genuine interest in what YAL stands for, what our chapter is doing this semester, and when they might attend our next meeting.

After recruiting largely on my own last semester – coming into contact with all kinds of passive liberty-lovers who expressed little desire to engage in the political process of preserving freedom – I was concerned about the future of my chapter, thinking that the incoming generations at SUU were less freedom-oriented than before.

Southern Utah University students flood Main Street to explore the tables at "Paint the Town Red."

Imagine my relief when a majority of the sign-ups this semester expressed profound gratitude, interest, and joy after chatting with me and my team at “Paint the Town Red!”

If only we had gotten more pictures of our new sign-ups. Running a table with only a few people (and with one technically running two, being the president of another club altogether) has its challenges – I guess this time was no exception.

However, I personally like to believe that we forgot to take pictures because our conversations were so rich and engaging.

In any event, it looks like this semester will indeed be a rebound for my little chapter here at SUU. Now all I can do is wait to see who shows up at the Orientation this week – if most of the sign-ups show up, their participation will breathe life into my dream of a stronger, more fun YAL at SUU!

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