New South Central Regional Director: Corie Whalen

YAL is happy to announce our new South Central Regional Director, Corie Whalen.  The South Central Region includes Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.


Writes Corie:

In May of 2007, just as I was entering my 20’s, without knowing much about Ron Paul, I became a big fan by simply listening to him talk about the Constitution, and the more I learned, the more I liked. As a result, I dove head first into the rather chaotic, but of course fun, “Boston Ron Paul Meetup Group.” That endeavor lead to me being one of the primary organizers of the “Boston Tea Party Freedom Rally” held on December16th, 2007, at Faneuil Hall, on the same day Paul supporters set the all-time one day fundraising record. I was given the chance to address the crowd, and Rand Paul was our keynote speaker. Senator Paul recently deemed the event “the first tea party” in his new book “The Tea Party Goes to Washington” – and it makes me extremely proud to look back on that day and see all the progress we’ve made since.

As 2008 came around, I stayed involved in supporting Ron Paul, but also decided that I needed to branch out and work to change the Republican Party from the ground up. I founded and became the President of a Student Republican club at Simmons College, and also became the State Director of the Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans Conservative Women’s Caucus. At the same time, I became very involved with the Mass GOP as well as other advocacy organizations, and forged alliances with countless conservatives and libertarians throughout New England.

When talk started to spread in early 2009 about the Tax Day Tea Parties, I got involved by becoming the Massachusetts liaison for all the events on, and was the primary organizer of the Boston Tax Day Tea Party held in front of the State House. I was recognized nationally for my work within the movement, and invited to be a speaker on the American Liberty Tour, a nationwide expedition, which occurred in the fall of 2009. Through that endeavor, I forged a friendship with American Majority, and moved to Houston, Texas, in August of 2010 to work for the organization as a Field Representative. Unfortunately, American Majority had to restructure and cut the size of their Texas office and I no longer work with them, yet continue to maintain a positive relationship. However, I’m grateful that now, I’m officially working as YAL’s South Central Regional Director, because I’m passionate about reaching out to youth and creating generational change through the liberty movement. 

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