New Students Love YAL at LDSBC

The leadership of Young Americans for Liberty at LDS Business College had big plans going into this semester. The first step to taking over campus in the name of liberty was to talk to the new students on their first day on campus.

During lunch at new student orientation, we spoke with a stunning amount of students who were all attracted by our stunning table display. Students took pocket Constitutions, found out where they were on a political quiz, and had fun conversations about liberty.

On a small college campus, we had almost 60 students sign up for the chapter in just over an hour. Even more importantly, we identified several students that want to be leaders. Recruitment is all about finding people that will do more than write their email address down. Since our recruitment drive, we have added half a dozen new members to our core of leadership at the chapter.

Recruitment drives are incredibly important for any group on campus, and YAL didn’t disappoint. We are well on our way to becoming the biggest student group on campus and changing the lives of numberless students in the years to come.

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