New YAL Palm Cards Are a Huge Help!


Last week I got my hands on some of the new YAL palm cards for the first time. They are top-notch, both in content and appearance! I just had my first chance to use them on campus (specifically, the “Philosophy of Liberty” cards), and they have already been an immense success!

Here is how they were put to use:  Upon stopping students, I told them that I’m with a student organization (YAL) and not to worry, we are not mindless or malevolent partisan drones.  Rather, we are a non-partisan group that doesn’t exactly fall in line with either the left or the right.

Then I showed them on the card how YAL agrees with different aspects of the positions of both the left and right. If they mostly approved of the things in the yellow boxes and disagreed with those in the blue boxes, I asked for their contact information so I could keep them informed of future events (such as film screenings, activism, and speakers).


I also mentioned the group’s philosophy of what liberty is:  that you own yourself and should therefore be free to do as you like, so long as you do not harm anyone else or their property. A card was given to each student so they could more closely examine it and learn what we are about.


I only had a very short time to do this between work and class yesterday and had the following results: 14 out of 15 people were like-minded and gave me their contact information; only 1 person disagreed and did not!

In the past our chapter has repeatedly used the classic world’s smallest political quiz of Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) to recruit on campus, but this is a nice change of pace — plus it is much simpler, quicker, and has had a much higher rate of success! 


YAL chapters can receive 400 palm cards for FREE from YAL National by applying here.  Otherwise, you can  also purchase palm cards in packs of 200 here for $15 ($10 + $5 s/h).

Our YAL chapter was just chosen as the best new student organization at Clayton State University! And with what we have planned for this Spring, along with the aid of these great new palm cards, this is sure to be our best semester yet! 

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