New Year’s Resolution: Put down the scoop of easy money

Ben & JanetSince 1913, our monetary diets have been decided for us by the Board of Governors at the Federal Reserve. According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 74% of Americans want to take a closer look at our money habits and finally audit the Federal Reserve.

The United States Senate confirmed Janet Yellen to head the Board of Governors at the Fed, replacing Ben Bernanke. 26 Senators voted in opposition to appoint Yellen — though not enough to stop the nomination, there are more skeptics of the Fed than ever before. This is good news: If I eat eight bowls of Ben and Janet’s ice cream I may feel good in the short run, but after awhile I’ll be sick, and eating more and more ice cream will not make me feel any better (quite the contrary).

For a New Year’s Resolution we should put down the easy money scoop and return to a sound monetary diet. It is a simple resolution and one that we all can work towards in 2014!

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