New York interferes with private healthcare…for your own good, of course.

A New York doctor has begun offering a cheap medical care plan to the uninsured, by the state wants to shut that portion of his practice down:

A New York doctor is offering flat-rate health care for the uninsured for $79 a month, but he has run afoul of state insurance regulations in a case that challenges the established norms of the U.S. health system…

“Our healthcare system lends itself to abuse, fraud and waste,” he said, adding that bypassing insurers saved on administrative costs, which he said were about 25 percent of the price of care. “With this model, we’re bypassing all that.”

Muney said he received initial complaints from state insurance authorities in November. “The law says you can do preventive checkups unlimited, but if they come for sick visits you have to charge your overhead costs,” he told Reuters.

In February he received a letter instructing him that he must charge that minimum cost, which he calculates at $33 a visit — a price he says will deter people from signing up.

Troy Oechsner, deputy superintendent of the state insurance department, said the rules were designed to protect consumers.

Yes, of course it’s all to protect consumers — it couldn’t possibly be just another example of ridiculous an unwarranted government interference into the private sector.

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