New York State Convention at SUNY Albany!

After a year of hard work and striving for this, we were proud to announce that we hosted the annual New York State Convention right here at SUNY Albany! Months of planning went into this convention to ensure that we went above and beyond our expected numbers.

Hundreds of phone calls were made to other YALers across the country to confirm our attendees for the convention featuring Jeff Frazee, Christopher Doss, economics professor Steve Horwitz, among many others including a legislative panel. We even had a Skype call from Dr. Ron Paul!


The convention kicked off with Christopher Doss highlighting some key points of grassroots training. 


Ron Paul skyped in with us and between everyone in that room, we probably got #itshappening trending on Twitter.


Partnering organizations tabled around the perimeter of the ballroom and we beat our goal of 120 people with 143! Hard work really does pay off!


The night ended with keynote speaker Lawrence Reed from FEE and a speech from our founder and President Skyler DeAngelo who let us know just how much we need to band together to continue this fight for liberty!



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