Newberry College Chapter Hosts New-Student Recruitment

NEWBERRY — On Thursday, the Newberry College chapter of Young Americans for Liberty seized a fitting recruitment opportunity, taking part in a student organization fair as part of the College’s Accepted Students Weekend. Participants in the school’s program are current high school seniors who plan to attend Newberry in the fall.

The brief event, held on the campus quad, yielded several promising prospects for the chapter. Most of the students with whom we interacted admitted they were not very politically active, but held strong beliefs that aligned with libertarian principles. For example, one student proficient in technology professed opposition to net neutrality, and support for the Fourth Amendment. We find increasingly that most people genuinely hold libertarian ideals, but are either unaware of them or unwilling to categorize them. Nonetheless, the Newberry chapter has a bright future with the incoming class of 2022 and we are ready to #MakeLibertyWin!

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