Newberry College YAL Chapter Attends SFL Conference

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Members of the Newberry College chapter of Young Americans for Liberty attended the recent Students for Liberty Blue Ridge Regional Conference, held at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Chapter President Jay Salter, Vice President Ari Edmiston, and members Alexander Peters and Calesta Grooms, accompanied members of the sister pro-liberty organization for a day of speakers and presentations. The conference, whose theme was “United for Justice,” focused on the police state and criminal justice reform in America, and was keynoted by former music producer turned activist Weldon Angelos.

In 2004, Angelos was sentenced to a mandatory minimum 55 years in prison for selling marijuana to a police informant. After serving thirteen years, his sentence was commuted and he was released from prison. In addition to campaigning against mandatory minimum sentences, Angelos is currently working to publish a documentary regarding his experience and the cause for reform.

The conference also featured Dr. Jim Lark, Professor of systems engineering and applied mathematics at the University of Virginia, and former chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, as well as representatives from the Charles Koch Institute, Turning Point USA, and Generation Opportunity Institute.

The event was a productive and refreshing experience for our chapter’s members in attendance, and any event that can expand ideological understanding and professional networks is a must for any chapter. It means so much that we have these opportunities to connect with other like-minded people from across our state, region, and nation to exchange ideas of liberty. We will definitely push to have all of our chapter attend the YAL Spring Summit and the National Convention in 2018.

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