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I’ll say this without hesitation, YAL rekindled my faith in dumb luck. You’re never going to know who you may run into on a daily basis. In my case it happened to be Christopher Hunt, a field representative and now good friend from the Leadership Institute. As someone who has never been a part of let alone led an organization I staggered slightly when he asked me if I would be interested in a leadership position at Kean University. Being the spaz that I am I shouted “YES” without even the briefest of deliberation.

YAL @KeanUniversity

Fortunately for me, uncalculated decisions can sometimes work in your favor. I’ve been having an absolute blast taking on this challenge. And a challenge it is! From the search for new recruits to navigating the bureaucracy of university recognition, each step has been a learning experience for me. Not only this, but I’ve been disillusioned from the belief that I’m the only liberty lover on campus. My first comrade, Joseph Parrillo, has been an indispensable resource. Not only was I united with someone extremely well read and articulate in his passion for the liberty movement, but also someone willing to put in the effort to get things done. No matter how difficult or tedious the task, Joseph has been there to keep the momentum going. As the old saying goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

Having gotten our bearings and slowly but surely building our chapter from the ground up, we’ve made great progress this semester. I was able to participate in my first tabling and recruiting session, I found an absolutely stunning group of people to work with, and we’ve laid down a solid foundation for some real activism for the spring semester. Our priority obstacle is the search for a full time faculty for sponsorship and advisement. Though at first it was quite discouraging to hear rejection after rejection, I know with perseverance and perhaps a touch of dumb luck, we’ll overcome this challenge as well.        

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