Next Up, Iran!

During the election, no one drunk on the Obama cool-aid would have thought that he was the potential candidate who, if elected, would lead the US to war with Iran.  However, every day that passes, a bit more of President Obama’s “peace candidate” shell is chipping off, and the real man who is at the head of our armed forces is coming more and more to light.

In a recent interview with Newsweek, Obama speaks about the possibility of confrontation with Iran.  In response to a question about Iran and Israel, the president said:

I’ve been very clear that I don’t take any options off the table with respect to Iran…What I have said is that we want to offer Iran an opportunity to align itself with international norms and international rules. I think…that will be better for the Iranian people. I think that there is the ability of an Islamic Republic of Iran to maintain its Islamic character while, at the same time, being a member in good standing of the international community and not a threat to its neighbors. And we are going to reach out to them and try to shift off of a pattern over the last 30 years that hasn’t produced results in the region.

Now, will it work? We don’t know. And I assure you, I’m not naive about the difficulties of a process like this. If it doesn’t work, the fact that we have tried will strengthen our position in mobilizing the international community, and Iran will have isolated itself, as opposed to a perception that it seeks to advance that somehow it’s being victimized by a U.S. government that doesn’t respect Iran’s sovereignty.

President Obama, you can’t extend one hand to a country, inviting it to align itself with the international community, and with the other hand have a knife ready to plunge into its throat.  What country on earth would respond positively to such talk?  Essentially, the US is saying “We’re giving you a chance to show that you are not dangerous, and if you will not show us that you are not dangerous, then we will oh so unfortunately be forced to invade you.”  Sound familiar?

Just after this, the Newsweek interviewer asked Obama whether he would discourage Israel from taking unilateral action against Iran.  This was Obama’s response:

No, look, I understand very clearly that Israel considers Iran an existential threat, and given some of the statements that have been made by President Ahmadinejad, you can understand why. So their calculation of costs and benefits are going to be more acute. They’re right there in range and I don’t think it’s my place to determine for the Israelis what their security needs are.

In other words – “Israel, it’s open season.”

The best part of the whole interview?  Right after Obama made these statements – whose implications are enormous – here is the newsweek interviewer’s next question:

Were you surprised at how quickly your family became part of the cultural iconography?

There you have it folks.  The investigative American media.

It’s enough to literally make me sick to my stomach.

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