Nit-picking Nanny Statists

After reading about California’s “Recycling Ambassadors”  and their job description, I’ve come to realize that the state of California has truly reached the breaking point:

A little-known regulation is costing the city’s taxpayers at least $1 million a year to employ trash cops to root through bins and tag residents who don’t separate the paper and bottles from the coffee grounds and chicken bones.

In an era in which the City of Angels is trying to stay afloat with a budget deficit projected at $330 million for 2011-12, a dozen uniformed “recycling ambassadors” armed with clipboards are busy traversing the city trying to get residents to dump recyclables in their blue bins, trash in the black and landscaping in the green.

Tellingly, when the reporter question city council members about the regulaton in light of budget deficits, the officials essentially refused to answer questions.

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