NMSU’s Constitution Week: ‘This wall tastes like too much America’

Luck was on our side for Constitution Week at New Mexico State University, with the dates lining up with a visit from Jon Barrie, a Senate candidate here in New Mexico. Our week consisted of 5 events: A meet and greet at the bar, the Jon Barrie presentation on campus, a barbecue dinner, 4 hours of tabling with our first Free Speech Wall, and tailgating our largest football game against our rivals in Albuquerque.

Meet and Greet 1

The first meeting on Monday was a great success, with over ten new members showing up from our previous tabling events. We had Jon speak, as well as Jacob Deaven, a political science grad student and teacher; David Montes, a representative from the Libre Initiative; and our dashingly handsome co-president Austin Pickrell. We spent over two hours drinking and discussing some great topics, ranging from metaphysics to Austrian Economics, as well as making friends and solidifying our network throughout the Las Cruces area.

Meet and Greet 2

Jon Barrie 1

Our second event was hosting Jon Barrie to give a presentation and speech on campus. The presentation was excellent. Many of us were able to speak with him in small groups, as well as have our picture taken with him one-on-one.

Jon Barrie 2

Cook Out 1

As Wednesday rolled around, we were all tired from school and work, and enjoyed being able to kick back, relax, eat and drink at our barbecue  Jon had graciously invited us to join him at his camper, and was an excellent host and cook. We ate and drank to our hearts’ content until late into the evening with more intriguing debate, discussion, and a couple new members joining the fray.

Cook Out 2

Free Speech Wall 1

Free Speech Wall 2

The weekend prior Luke, the other co-president, and I spent all day building our Free Speech wall, and were both extremely excited to finally be able to table with it. Thursday’s event was, in my opinion, our most successful event as a chapter to date. The reception we received from our fellow students was amazing, with hundreds of people willing to contribute their own piece of freedom to our wall, ranging from the profound (“Success is my addiction, you should take a hit of this,” Ancient Greek, and scripture) to the less profound (“Mitt Romney likes it in the pooper,” “Free Bananas” –Ron Paul, and “This wall tastes like too much America”).

Free Speech Wall 3

Free Speech Wall 4

As our week came to an end, we could look back and be proud. We distributed over one hundred Constitutions, gained over ten new members, heard from a candidate for U.S. Senate, and helped spread the message of liberty. So, in the name of freedom, Luke and I did the only obvious thing left to do: Bought a couple 30 packs, took some shots, and got far too drunk with the chapter at the tailgate.

This Wall Tastes Like Too Much America

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