No Labels: Stop Fighting, Start Fixing

No LabelsThere’s a movement afoot.  It’s called No Labels — a diverse representation of congressional leaders out to achieve less government and getting what government we do have to work responsibly.  Who is this group? And why is it a step in the right direction?  

1.  Debate.  If we aren’t talking about the issues, we can’t educate and win over people about those issues.  That goes for the public and our elected officials. Whether philosophical, economic, or data driven, fiscal responsible arguments resonate well with the majority of people out there. Structural and procedural changes need to be made to start getting us back on track. 

2.  Content.  While you may like or have issues with government, it doesn’t mean it can’t work smarter while it’s big, mean, and green. (I prefer “out of control”).  Here’re some examples of what No Labels is trying to accomplish: 

  • No Budget, No Pay.  About time, right?  No more continuing resolutions, if you can’t pass a budget, then no pay.
  • Cut those costs.  No automatic budget increases for agencies.  Agencies must justify their expenditures, and why they shouldn’t have their budgets cut.  Can anyone say line by line? 
  • Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate.  Eliminate duplicate agencies (and hopefully supposedly “useful” ones).  To borrow a line from Office Space: “Yeah….if we could stop adding those agencies…that would be great.”   One step at a time.  
  • Cutting waste.  Using technology instead of traveling, and enforce strategic sourcing for department contracts within agencies.

3.  Results.  Have you ever seen 82 members of Congress from left to right get together over anything to do with government responsibility these days?  I haven’t.  At least No Labels accomplished this. They plan to have 100 reps on board by years’ end. This could no doubt a force to influence legislation on some of the key issues above. 

4.  Future.  Let’s face it, government isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  But we can start the engage the public through these common sense solutions.  They make sense and citizens will support them.  No Labels takes a step in the right direction, limiting government waste and spending by justifying expenditures and forcing congressional members to discuss budgets.  It’s good to see consensus and it should be encouraging to have members from all perspectives calling for accountability and less”ish” / effective government.  

There are a host of other solutions No Labels advocates in Congressional and even in Presidential arenas.  Like any organization, there are issues I question — a two-year budgeting process?  Who knows, maybe it would work, but it could also let Congress put off making tough decisions even longer.

But most make sense given the conduct of our government and our “leaders” today.  

So, what do you think about No Labels? 

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