No More Che at UNLV

A UNLV student prepares to take her first swing at Che Guevara

Members of the new University of Nevada, Las Vegas chapter of Young Americans for Liberty were out on Monday as part of YAF’s “No More Che Day” event to raise awareness about Che Guevara’s real work as enthusiastic executioner and poster boy for the Castro regime. Lots of students stopped by to learn about the real Che and about YAL’s work for individual liberty, free markets, and smaller government. 

In spite of the media whitewashing of Che’s murderous career, lots of students already knew that Che Guevara was not the hero that some have made him out to be. One student who provided his contact information for the chapter’s mailing list told us, “I got mad when I saw your picture of Che, but then I realized that the poster said ‘The Victims of Che Guevara’ and I had to check it out.” 

UNLV chapter officer Matt Howell with UNLV student Marina Chairez

Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the real Che Guevara. One international student from the Congo approached our table with a puzzled look on his face and said simply, “Victims?” He said he had never heard about Che’s killings at all.

Our event culminated with students taking swings at a Che Guevara pinata, and the chapter scored lots of new contacts. The No More Che event was a great way to engage students — organize your own No More Che Day event next year and expect to draw some attention!

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