No Substitute for Victory

In just over a week and a few days, It will be the opening days of the NEW Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. As acting chapter president, I have certainly learned a lot in the last few months since joining the ranks of this organization and meeting many of the soon-to-be members.  I have also learned that getting a chapter “off the ground” is a lot harder than it seems. I assure you though, every moment of stress is worth it.


Over the summer months after meeting many of our members, I found it surprising and wonderful to meet so many different people. Each with their own separate backgrounds, dignified ideologies, and a common love of liberty — and here I thought I was a lone man standing in the darkness. It brings to you a sense of revitalization — that maybe, just maybe, this can be pulled off.

If I could offer one piece of common sense advice to any of the newly forming chapters this semester or in the future, it would be this: I think the thing that is most important for a chapter to be successful is that no matter who is in your group and whatever their political platform is, you MUST stand united under the same banner of core principles to succeed. Otherwise, you will not get off the ground.

Let it be known that you will all have differences of opinion, but remind one another that we are all here to make the same difference and stand united for the cause of being committed to winning on principle

As a history major, I often like to read Presidential speeches and search for quotes of inspiration — and I think I found one to fit this post perfectly. After losing the delegate vote in 1976 at the GOP Convention, Ronald Reagan gave an impromptu speech to the crowd, ensuring them that if they don’t unite as one party, it’ll be the end for those core principles they all shared:

Better than we’ve ever done before, we’ve gotta quit talking to each other and about each other and go out and communicate to the world, that we may be fewer in numbers than we’ve ever been, but we carry the message they’re waiting for. We must go forth from here united, determined, and what a great general said a few years ago is true: There is no substitute for victory.

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