Noninterventionism on the rise?

A new poll indicates that, at least for now, it just might be:

What do Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, and Yemen have in common, besides being places you’re not considering for your next family vacation? They’re all active American war zones! (Or, as the Obama administration would refer to them, “war” zones.) Fighting all of these wars and “wars” at the same time, after so many years of endless combat, has taken its toll on the American public. According to a poll by the Hill newspaper, a whopping 72 percent of likely voters say that “the United States is fighting in too many places.” As for our most deadly conflict, only 36 percent say that our presence in Afghanistan is making the United States safer, a figure that includes only 45 percent of Republicans.

Much of this sentiment may have more to do with the problems of a war economy than principle, but it’s still great news.

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