North Carolina at Chapel Hill fights for Free Markets

Midterm exams and (inaccurate) forecasts for snow seemed determined to slow down UNC Young Americans for Liberty this week. Though tabling and recruitment usually take place outside, up against the brutal North Carolina climate, we moved our table downstairs into a crowded part of the student union.

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However, we weren’t deterred! We made use of the “Jenganomics” and “Chrony Chronicles” kits to educate students on the unintended (or in the case of rent-seeking: intended) consequences of wealth redistribution. Fear of the “Jenganomics” tower falling weighed heavily on the hearts of students. Students didn’t universally accept the analogy, but what a great way to get the conversation started!


These kits on “Free Markets 101” provide lessons that are timeless; they will certainly be used again in the future. We were very interested in the “numbering” of the blocks that other groups did; we may have to augment our set in that way for next time.

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