North Dakota State: Kicking things off with recruitment!

Young Americans for Liberty just added another state! This fall at North Dakota State University, our chapter kicked off its inaugural year by attending our campus student organization fair on August 31st. Over the course of 4 hours we handed out over 250 flyers for our first meeting and had 20+ sign-ups of especially interested members who wanted to join the group. We had a great response from many of the students who came to the booth. As a whole we were well received on campus from both the students, faculty, and other student organizations and we certainly laid the groundwork to rapidly increase our membership as the year begins!

The event was also a great time for our previous members to learn a lot about the most effective ways to promote the ideas of liberty. While it was certainly a success, in the future we will push students to sign up on our email list even if they are only slightly interested in the group. Our recruitment has also hinged on working towards becoming an official group on campus.  On that note we also had a huge success a faculty advisor for the group letting us move forwards in becoming official. All in all we have gathered a great group of members who are ready to take our activism to the next level on campus and in the state of North Dakota! 

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