North Georgia YAL Catches the NSA on Campus

Heading into Constitution Week, we had big plans for an activism event. We wanted to do something that wasn’t necessarily easy to pull off but could continue to attract attention to our YAL chapter for weeks and potentially months to come. We wanted to produce a something that not only delivered a message regarding the Constitution and the danger it is in, but did so in an entertaining and lasting way.

So, we decided to defend the 4th Amendment by making a parody of those who are attacking it. Getting inspiration from this video in which a NSA Agent “spies” on innocent bystanders who are unaware of the rolling cameras, I thought that replicating such a prank and combining it with scripted scenes would accomplish our goal to create an effective and continuing recruitment tool. 

Shooting it was incredibly fun.

Sexy NSA Agent

Lurking in the Bushes

That Poor Couple

As our NSA Agent, I decided that our VP Corey Nickles would fit the role perfectly. He did not disappoint.

Reactions were priceless. Many people would simply continue walking, seemingly annoyed, suggesting that individuals would probably rather just be left alone and free from the government snooping. Others were more vocally bothered about having their privacy invaded. One girl even gave Corey permission to listen in on her phone call until he said he was with the NSA!

After “spying” on each person, I would go over and explain that we are with YAL making a short film to parody the NSA and raise awareness for the 4th Amendment, and then invite them to our follow up meeting. There was unanimous support for what we were doing and students thought it was a pretty funny and interesting idea. One girl remarked that we were “insane” for actually going out and making this film but that what we were doing was “pretty awesome.”

This sums up the general sentiment among all those we “spied” on.

To build anticipation for our next meeting, I used our Facebook to claim that we had acquired exclusive footage of the NSA taking a trip to UNG and that we would be revealing it at our next meeting. To further this, I put together the teaser video below and spread it around Facebook and included it in our weekly newsletter.


On top of this electronic advertising campaign, we also utilized traditional means to get the word out about our next meeting. We hung flyers, but our Public Relations Officer Jorge Hernandez had bigger aspirations. So, at around midnight before our first meeting, we went out and began what is surely the most epic chalking UNG has ever witnessed.
An Artist's Frustration
Working, Working 

When we were halfway finished, the Campus Police stopped by to check on what was going on. We thought we may have a free speech codes fight on our hands, but fortunately there was no problem.

Campus Po

The Artist Stands Over His Masterpiece

The next day, everyone who went to the dining hall or drove around the drill field could not have missed the chalking we produced.

Big Time

Our efforts paid off and our meeting, which was only our second, surpassed the turnout of the first meeting. We had 21 people show up to learn more about libertarianism and to see our NSA Short Film!

Jorge Introducing the Meeting

Elijah Explaining Some Liberty Stuff

Group Photo

Our short film was very well received and continues to be as I write this! Following the meeting, I posted it to our Facebook page and it has since been shared and liked by numerous people, a lot of which aren’t even in YAL. This is great for recruitment efforts because it is impossible to watch it without hearing or seeing “Young Americans for Liberty.”

Constitution Week was a great success here at the University of North Georgia and awareness of our club and purpose has increased rapidly in the past week and continues to do so. There is no limit to what the future holds as we constantly work to outdo ourselves and spread liberty in even newer, more exciting ways.

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