North Korea wants direct peace talks

The Wall Street Journal reports:

A delegation of North Korean diplomats told New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson that Pyongyang was prepared for expansive disarmament talks with the Obama administration, but wants to talk directly instead of in the multicountry format Washington prefers.

The comments made to Gov. Richardson Wednesday in New Mexico are the clearest signal yet from North Korean leader Kim Jong Il that his reclusive state is prepared to resume negotiations over its nuclear program following Pyongyang’s May detonation of an atomic device and a string of missile launches that have rattled Northeast Asia. Gov. Richardson met two North Korean diplomats Wednesday at his office in Santa Fe.

Once again, it appears that Congressman Paul was correct in saying that we can achieve more through working peaceably with foreign nations than we can by invading them.  While the US has certainly not been non-interventionist in regards to North Korea, we at least have not mounted a military attack.  And now it would seem that the situation is heading further towards peace and away from war.

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