Northeastern Student Visits Boston Freedom Rally

A new YAL chapter is forming at  Northeastern Univeristy in Boston led by Greg Kerr, an active junior eady to take the plunge into starting a liberty-minded organization.  Greg and I visited the Boston Freedom Rally over the weekend, a one day festival on Boston Commons focused on ending the War on Drugs.

Boston Freedom Rally

There were well over 2,000 people there, most of them young.  It was a great place to look for other lik-minded students, and Greg used the opportunity to interview peers as well as police officers about the event and the drug war.

It was a great opportunity to talk about the debt that ensues with the Drug War, as well as the how “criminals” that do not commit violent crimes are treated.  We had some interviews and will work on getting those posted as well.  We found a lot of liberty-oriented thoughts at this particular festival.

I encourage students to reach out to their legalization-focused student groups to find those passionate about ending the War on Drugs as well as educating on personal responsibility. 

Shout out to Greg Kerr for taking on this event.  If you are in the Boston area get in touch with this great activist!

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