Northern California YALers Visualize the Debt

15 trillion

Last Spring, Young Americans for Liberty chapters across the nation made headlines for putting our national debt crisis in perspective with “Visualize the Debt,” a national activism event where students constructed large displays depicting the overwhelming and ever-increasing number which is our government debt.

Unfortunately, Visualize the Debt is one of those events that has never become less relevant in our generation. The debt continues to grow at $4 billion a day. Congress put a band-aid over the issue when they raised the debt cieling in August to $15.2 trillion, but the band-aid has nearly been peeled off. 

In the past week, the national debt crossed the $15 trillion mark – exceeding the entirety of our Gross National Product. That is, if we were all taxed at 100% and still willingly got up in the morning to go to work, we still couldn’t pay this thing off over the course of a year.

With the downgrading of the country’s credit rating, and no serious expectation of spending restraint either in the Congressional Supercommittee or the so-called “automatic cuts” that will come along with their falling out, Young Americans for Liberty at Diablo Valley College (DVC) hosted its own first “Visualize the Debt” event, proposing serious solutions to an ever more serious crisis.

Members of the local media were present and interviewed YAL members and passing by students. Later, DVC YAL “celebrated” our national debt reaching $15 trillion by providing
free cake to the student body.

As they blew out the candles on the cake, they made a wish that the debt would never reach $16 trillion. I guess we’ll know whether they’ll get their wish in about 250 days.

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