Northern Michigan YAL ends the semester strong

The YAL chapter at Northern Michigan University recently created quite a bit of buzz around campus last week with our free speech ball event. It was finals week, and the free speech ball represented a fun break from studying and testing. Students were excited to share their opinions and many discussions were created at the ball surrounding the ideas of free and censorship on college campuses.
NMU Free Speech Ball
Images of the ball quickly spread over Snapchat and other social media outlets, and we garnered a crowd everywhere we went. We even had a professor come out with her class, assigning an impromptu participation activity to contribute an opinion to the ball.
Opinions and Ideas
We had several visits from curious faculty, as well as the head of the Archives department who said they were interested in preserving our ball as a monument to free speech. By the end of the day the ball was completely covered in opinions and ideas. Overall the event was a great success and the YAL name was spread across campus.
Our membership levels have consistently grown all year. We finished our first year strong and look forward to starting the Fall semester strong. 
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