Northwood’s Constitution Week

First off, I would like to say that I applied for and received an activism kit which was the cornerstone of my tabling. Last year was Northwood’s founding year for our chapter and since then I have lost the rest of my E-Board (graduation, transfer, etc.). I did receive some help from Ji Qi, pictured below, who is from China.

Ji Qi writing what freedom means to him Display

We started setting up in the library, and the librarians were very impressed with our display, so they offered to host it for a week.

Right away, due to Ji Qi’s efforts, we got a new member as viewed on the right. She goes by the American name of Ivy. In the pocket constitutions we placed a Constitution Quiz and a Join YAL flyer for people to take for my contact information, which is also displayed on the board. The box is for quiz entries where a few will be drawn to win free books. During our first day, a Turkish student, Talya Icel, talked about what freedom means to her and the recent breach that caught her attention.

Here’s a link to more information on the jailed Turkish reporters.

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