“Not Evil Just Wrong” trailer

Many thanks to The Smoking Argus for bringing this to my attention. This new documentary by Greener Horizon films looks to combat the disinformation campaign waged by many environmental extremists, such as Al Gore. It also looks at the true cost of global warming hysteria. One thing about this film that really caught my eye was the unique distribution model. In an era where old media’s control on information is lessening, “Not Evil Just Wrong” is holding its premiere completely via the internet today.

In addition to online premieres, there will also be premieres around the world in homes, community centers, churches, and various other locations. These websites are hosting online streams of the event: The Smoking Argus, NotEvilJustWrong.com, and BigHollywood.com. If for some reason those websites go down, you can view it directly on uStream

It’s  premiere is happening online today at the following time: 8PM EDT, 7PM CDT,  6PM MDT,  5PM PDT. 

 I agree wholeheartedly with this quote from the original Smoking Argus article: “With traditional media networks continuing to hemorrhage viewers, the potential for a successful premiere of a feature-length documentary at least in part over the internet, may provide a glimpse to the thus far elusive new-media business model.”

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