Not Guilty!

A couple weeks ago, a 59-year-old Vietnam War veteran and cripple in rural Illinois was found not guilty of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. The man was arrested last October, when a drug task force found 25 pounds of marijuana in his home and 50 pounds of plants.

Though evidence was overwhelming, the jury acquitted in an act of what can only be assumed as jury nullification: though the man had clearly broken a law, the jury unanimously did not agree with the law. Read more.

As liberty minded individuals, jury nullification is an important weapon we possess to stand up to the government’s encroachments on our lives. Any time you can get on a jury – do so. Any case where there’s a victimless crime, convince your fellow jurors to vote “NOT GUILTY!”

For a more humorous take on the issue, check out some standup by Doug Stanhope (warning: vulgar language)

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