Notice the “Fresh” in “Fresh”men.

In the south most classes are already in session and the summer has left most student’s minds.  However here in New England classes will be in full swing this coming week. 

One of the best parts on activism is meeting new people and sharing new ideas with the new people.  There is no better time than now to explore fresh ideas from incoming freshmen this year.  Freshmen classes are growing expotentially every year at most state schools, so take advantage of the large groups and find the activists among them.

The University of Rhode Island took advantage of the incoming freshman last night at their “First Night”. Students from URI’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter were eager to get dibs on students looking for recreational activity while attending for the next four years.  Member Emily Sherman said, “I want to engage with as many students possible, then hopefully we can find future leaders for the group.”

 Students signing upMembers: Emily Sherman, Jamie Mercurio

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