November 5th Protest in DC


On Thursday, November 5th, 10,000+ people answered the calls from conservative leaders to come to Washington. In the spirit of Guy Fawkes Day, these supporters came to voice their opposition to government tyranny. However, instead of the king denying equal rights to Catholics, the reason for Fawke’s attempted regicide, it was their opposition to government control of their healthcare that drew these concerned citizens.



As we walked through the throngs of people all waiting in line to go into their representatives’ office, we talked with a few. Some traveled from as far away as California and Florida to combine with people from the greater DC area in calling for more limited government.


The south lawn was littered with homemade signs, t-shirts, and voices shouting in bullhorns attempting to address congress personally.




While we here at YAL might not agree on everything with all of these people, it was truly inspiring to see so many Americans there to challenge their nation’s choices. Sadly, congress, despite having personal visits, did not heed the words of their constituents. Perhaps now the people will speak in a different way:  through the ballot boxes in 2010.

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