Now You Can Be the 10th Justice: OT 2010

Now you can be the 10th Justice! From the independent D.C.-based organization, the Harlan Institute, combines the current litigation of Supreme Court Law, with the Constitution, and the excitement of a Fantasy game for everybody from political activists to constitutional law experts!


Featured by numerous news sources, from the New York Times, to Reason Magazine (with Reason calling it the “toast of the legal world”), FantasySCOTUS brings involvement in the most mysterious branch to you. Justice Breyer was once asked about the game and said that, “I’m glad the public is interested. The more the public knows about the court, the better.”

Competitors divide into leagues and read up on upcoming Supreme Court cases, such as NASA v. Nelson and the highly controversial Snyder v. Phelps and then predict the outcome of the case. Points are awarded differently for each prediction (ie. swing of the court, swing of each justice). Competitors are encouraged to blog about the cases and discuss the legal, social, and ethical concepts behind each case with each other. For more info on the specifics, check out the league rules page.

The first place winner, declared “Chief Justice,” wins  the coveted Golden Gavel trophy. is free and sponsored by WestLaw.

Check out here and sign up today!

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