NRA-U at Washington State University

On the evening of October 20th, 2017, the Washington State University Pullman Chapter of YAL hosted NRA-U representatives for an informational meeting on our second amendment gun rights. This event was held following the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1st. We believe that now, after letting a few weeks pass, it is time to begin constructive political discourse and educate our fellow students about what being pro-second amendment really means. We are working to end the political demonization between the red and blue ideological paradigms by presenting the side that has been shut-down passionately by mainstream media. Proving that both sides have the same interests in mind while commingling this with libertarian ideological solutions.

At the event there was a large turnout with an engaged audience primarily consisting of members of the student body. The event was covered in the university’s news program, Murrow News 8. The two NRA-U representatives discussed the very long and rich history of the NRA in America as well as their values and objectives and how they act on them in the political arena. Audience members learned how they can work with the NRA to defend the second and educate themselves in all things firearm related through the NRA, most notably gun safety. The presentation was followed by a ‘Q and A’ session before finishing up the event for the night. Overall the event was a great success and we recommend all YAL chapters host NRA-U representatives at their respective campuses to keep fighting the fight for our second amendment rights.

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