NRA University at MTSU

Middle Tennessee State University Young Americans for Liberty recently held their first major event of the semester. They event dealt with one of our most fundamental rights in the Constitution, the Second Amendment 


The National Rifle Association worked with our chapter to host a NRA University.  The purpose of the event was to get students informed on and off campus about their rights. The event focused on learning more about the NRA, the Second Amendment, gun safety, legislative threats to gun rights and the gun control debate. 


All students who attended received a free one year associate membership to the NRA, as well as entry to the NRA Annual Meeting and Youth Conference to be held in Nashville April 10-12, 2015. We had around 24 students in attendance which is great for a Monday afternoon. Some had to leave early, yet we still had 18 students fill out memberships to the NRA. 


This event was a great success for our YAL chapter. We hope to see some of you at the NRA Conference in Nashville.


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