NRO and Bill Bennet Slam Beck for Criticizing the GOP

Neocons are fuming  at the fact that even Glenn Beck admits that Republican party has a problem and may not be that much better then the Democrats. So how do they treat their ex-hero, who claims to be more libertarian each day?

Bennet writes:

Glenn is among the best talkers in the business of broadcast. I am not sure he’s a very good listener.

First, there is a good and strong tradition in alcohol and drug treatment that personal failings should not be extrapolated into the public sphere; that too often when this is done, conclusions are reached based on the wrong motives and, often, the wrong analysis. Glenn has made that mistake here and taken to our politics a cosmologizing of his own deficiencies. This is not a baseless criticism; they are his own deficiencies that he keeps publicly redounding to and analogizing to. It is wrong and he is wrong.

Stay classy, Bill.  Bennett continues his whacky analysis of the speach by saying:

To say the GOP and the Democrats are no different, to say the GOP needs to hit a recovery-program-type bottom and hang its head in remorse, is to delay our own country’s recovery from the problems the Democratic left is inflicting. The stakes are too important to go through that kind of exercise, which will ultimately go nowhere anyway — because it’s already happened.

The GOP does need to hang its head in shame. They have endorsed a candidate who co-sponsored Cap and Trade, passed and lobbied for the bailout, helped start two undeclared wars, refused to address the War on Drugs, and done nothing to stop the ongoing devaluation of the dollar. Need I continue? 

Its also interesting to note that National Review Online, where Bennett’s piece is published, said that auditing the Fed is not a conservative policy.

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