NSA Agent Portrayal at Louisiana State University


YAL at Louisiana State University celebrated Constitution Week by spreading awareness of the constitutional violations of the NSA’s domestic spying program, information obtained through Edward Snowden’s leaks.

We had Yesh dress up as an NSA agent and attempt to film and record students as they went about their day using a fake boom mic and a camera phone.


Understandably, this event got on many people’s nerves, but it definitely made a statement. After “playing the role” sufficiently well enough to where people were bothered, we always made a point to go back and tell them the purpose of the event and what it represented.  We had a stack of Constitutions that we passed out that we eventually ran out of as well as some YAL stickers and sign-up sheets to promote recruitment. 

Below are some pictures and a video from the event. It was a fantastic success and we were able to influence and educate many of our fellow students!



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