NU YAL Discusses Visualize the Debt Event on Radio

I had the pleasure of calling into the Free Talk Live radio show tonight to discuss both YAL’s Visualize the Debt activism week and my struggles here at Northeastern University. Those of you who don’t listen to Free Talk Live regularly should:  It’s an amazing libertarian talk show, and they are syndicated nationally on over 90 stations.

You can download a recording of the broadcast here. Tune in at  01:02:58 to hear me talking about YAL’s activism and the struggle for free speech on campus.

For those who aren’t aware, the summary of what’s going at Northeastern is that the administration has told our group we will need “special permission” to publicize our Visualize the Debt the event to the media — permission it seems unlikely we will get. Furthermore, the school is surrounding our whole event with an endless stream of red tape, questions, and doing more to suffocate the event than help it flourish.

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